StarNet Company invites everyone into a greener future


The team of StarNet has joined the “Seed it forward” initiative in the process of elaboration and implementation of the project „Plantăm fapte bune în Moldova” (“Planting good deeds in Moldova”. At the same time when the project has started, the company has launched a new mobile application MyStarNet, which is meant to improve its communication with clients, offering them the possibility to pay their bills online. This will result in saving money, which will be then reinvested in realization of a noble vision – reforestation of Moldova.


Alexei Munteanu – With the MyStarNet application every client can refuse his paper bill, and the money that are saved this way will go to the reforestation of Moldova. Pay your StarNet bill online so that we, together with EcoVisio, are able to plant more trees. We are regenerating Moldova and offer you the possibility to do it shoulder to shoulder with us.


Olga Chitoroga – I abandoned my work in the office in order to contribute to the reforestation of the country, because all of us deserve to rejoice in clean air and beautiful country. It is an initiative worth supporting into the future.


Further to the financial support offered by the company, its employees have joined the initiative and, on 14 November, have participated in one of the biggest volunteer reforestation actions in Moldova. Together with Moldovan and foreign volunteers, they have planted trees on about 5 hectares of degraded land in the village of Bubuieci, Chisinau municipality.

We are very grateful to the StarNet company for their contribution and support for the realization of our common vision.


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