Solar Dehydrator – presentation at CLP


The Deal



Beachhead Market – Gardeners


  • Large % of Moldovans do gardening

  • They need a cheap and easy way to process and save for winter the excess of fruits and vegetables.

  • They have time, space, and relatively small amounts to process.

  • They need to heat their houses.



Value Proposition

Dehydrating vs. Not Dehydrating


Solar D. vs. Electric D. vs. Chest Freezer


The product


Solar Foods Dehydrator

  • Free & clean energy, autonomy
  • Bigger capacity vs. electric dehydrator
  • Low maintenance, reliable.
  • Heats the air 22-44⁰ C above ambient
  • Electric backup 800w for bad weather
  • 1KWh power equivalent
  • 1sq.m. drying surface
  • 6kg fruits per load
  • The most efficient ad healthy way to conserve fruits and vegetables
  • Longer lifespan, similar to furniture
  • Also used for heating.
  • Modular, transportable design
  • Natural and recycled materials
  • Shipping – 36 kg kit, instructions.


Climate Impact

  • Use recycled materials, aluminum cans, glass.
  • One Solar Dehydrator vs. Electric saves 414 kg CO2 per
  • If used for heating -> saving additional 414 kg of CO2 per
    cold season.
  • 500 dehydrators -> saving up to 400 tons of CO2 per year
  • x-fold CO2 saving compared to other food processing
    techniques (canning, green housing) or non-local fruit
  • ¾ less space and energy for stocking and transportation of
    dried fruits and vegetables vs. fresh

Key Financials

  • 150 € price per product
  • 40 € margin per product
  • 500,000 potential customers in Moldova
  • 500 dehydrators per year
  • 20,000 € margin per year

Competitive Advantage

  • Low cost of production in Moldova
  • One of the first producers in the region
  • Large gamma of products, hobby to professional
  • Unique access to market through Seed It Forward network of small farmers, volunteers and NGO’s
  • Can be used as a heating source (2 in 1)
  • Simple, safe and easy to replace electric parts
  • Web presence, research and educative effort

Our Dream

  • All year long, access to healthy, affordable, and local food
  • Creating jobs and small business opportunities
  • No more wasted fruits / vegetables
  • Make it easier to become vegetarian in Moldova and Europe
  • “Solar foods” biggest dehydrator promoter in Europe and online.

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