Services and products


  • Consultations in natural horticulture, forestry, agroforestry, permaculture.
  • Planting and maintenance of orchards, parks, forests.
  • Revitalization of degraded lands through afforestation.
  • Organizing afforestation events with volunteers; teambuilding.
  • Planting and upkeep of trees, creation of permacultural gardens.
  • Calculation and offset of your carbon footprint.

Our tree nursery

In small quantities and only in good hands, seedlings of: sycamore, linden, thuia, red oak, honey locust, walnut, hazelnut, etc.

Natural soap

“For Trees” – handmade natural soap with apiculture products (honey, wax, propolis) and essential oils of manuka, eucaliptus, pine and juniper (Four Trees).

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