Open tree nursery


What is an open tree nursery?

A tree nursery is a place where trees are propagated and grown to usable size.

An open tree nursery is a place where anyone interested can come with the seeds that he or she has gathered somewhere, prepare the land, plant the seeds and take care of what grows out of them later.

The open tree nursery in Bubuieci is a place where you can support the work of Seed It Forward team through direct actions, and learn from practical experience the most important things about seeds and seedlings.

This way, anyone can observe the life of the trees from the very beginning.

And then pupils and other volunteers can learn and help during the transplanting process.

You can grow almost any type of tree or bush that can grow in the temperate climate zone.

Why do we need a tree nursery?

  • To create our our planting material.
  • To grow the species of trees and bushes that we cannot find in other tree nurseries.
  • To be sure that the seedlings we plant are healthy, dug out with care, have good roots, have been transported carefully and kept safe until the moment they are actually planted.
  • To get the seedlings that are best adapted to the local conditions.
  • To have some trees that we’ll later leave to grow there.
  • To be able to provide seedlings with partner initiatives.
  • To be able to give trees and bushes as gifts.

Thus, through growing trees and bushes out of seeds, we are really contributing to the “birth” of new trees (Seed it Forward!) and not just transplant the ones that were already growing in a nursery, in someone’s garden or on “nobody’s” piece of land. And, of course, this will also reduce the amount of money the team has to spend for acquiring trees and for transporting them, as well as eliminate the respective carbon footprint.

What is the final goal? The dream?

Besides the direct benefit for our activities, we would like to create an example and a model for other initiatives, organisations and institutions. So that at some point in the future every school has its own small tree nursery where children and teenagers will grow trees and bushes for the school park and other public places of their locality.













Photo credit: Gabriela Isac, Sasha Nikitin, Andrei Moraru.

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