WikiWoodsWikiWoods is a nongovernmental organization and a community of volunteers, who consider that planting trees is the best method of mitigating, preventing and adapting to climate change – both through increasing the surface of forest cover and through getting local community involved in saving the environment. Its name comes from combination of the organizational credo, woods, with the type of the online platform they use, wiki, which is a website that allows collaborative modifications from each user’s browser. This way, through the WikiWoods site, interested people could promote their own tree-planting events, find other like-minded enthusiasts in their region, exchange knowledge and experience, and network with tree experts and funders.

Started in 2007 by ten active Berliners, WikiWoods has managed to involve, until now, around 1,200 volunteers, who planted, altogether, more than 65 thousands trees. The actions have mainly taken place in Berlin, Brandenburg, Goettingen and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in Germany, but in the last years they have reached Moldova as well, showing up in Hirbovat in the end of 2014 and in Bubuieci in November 2015.

We are very inspired by the WikiWoods example, and grateful for their support of our initiative. Its positive impact has already been recognized in Germany, bringing it several awards, including the Theodor Heuss Prize in 2011. Here, in Moldova, it is just starting – but the idea is already spreading and growing in the minds and hearts of people. It’s great to be doing it together.

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