Plantăm fapte bune în România

logo_PFBROIn Romania the percent of forest-covered areas is more than two times higher than in Moldova: 26,8% compared to our 11,2%. However, those thousands of hectares also suffer continuously from clearcutting and illegal logging.

Unable to remain indifferent, our colleagues from the other bank of the Prut river decided to act against this outrageous situation, involving civil society, wide public, companies, authorities and mass-media to rouse Romania and make it notice the forests that are still there, as well as the fact that we have fallen asleep to the sounds of saws and axes.

PFBRO_posterThus, in 2011, led by the EcoAssist Association from Bucharest, a national volunteer reforestation initiative was born, known now as “Plantăm fapte bune în România” (“Planting good deeds in Romania”).

In the years that have passed, the project has mobilized around 20 thousands of volunteers who planted and cared about over 500,000 of trees on tens of hectares of degraded land throughout the whole country, with the help of national, district and local coordinators. In parallel, the team is also working on an illegal logging detection system, promoting investigation of relevant cases and application of national legislation.

The Seed It Forward initiative joined the project in autumn 2015, in order to support the organization of the biggest volunteer afforestation action from both countries, held on 14th of November. We are united both in our intent to change people’s attitude towards forests and through mutual help and support. Together we Plant! Take care! Afforest!
Echipa Plantam fapte bune în Romania

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