Grădina Moldovei

The place where seeds (…and ideas!) come to life.

This vision stays at the base of the civil society Association “Grădina Moldovei” (“Moldova’s Garden”), which proposed itself to create a source of inspiration as well as an exchange network that could bring our rich (but misused or abandoned) soils back to attention and life.

Founded in 2015, “Grădina Moldovei” is open to everyone – from young to old, from amateurs to professionals, from traditionalists to environmentalists, offering them an opportunity to benefit from the team’s experience in the field of biological gardening, gathered from many countries and encompassing a number of eco- and consumer-friendly methods, such as permaculture, crop rotation, allelopathy or judicious combination between plants, green fertilizers, biodynamics, etc.

For the future, “Grădina Moldovei” has three major objectives:

  1. To create a “Training and Experimentation Center” of different methods of biological agriculture, which could host public seminars, visits and trainings all year round;
  2. To collect, preserve, multiply and distribute varieties of vegetables, fruits and flowers, both local and from other countries, in the structure of a “Seed Bank”;
  3. To collect a “Green Library” of information about all aspects of biological gardening, to translate and publish it both on paper and in electronic form, as brochures, instructional sheets, posters, etc., so that it is publicly available.

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