Dulce Plai


“Dulce Plai”, launched in 2012, is a social enterprise that practices and promotes beekeeping as a solution for rural development, raises awareness about the importance of bees for biodiversity conservation and sells honey and other bee products that are essential for people’s healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Overall, “Honey for a better world”.

Based in the village of Todiresti, Moldova, where its founder and administrator, Liza Mamaliga, comes from, “Dulce Plai” has grown to have friends and partners in various parts of our country and abroad. Liza and her team work on creating a network of young beekeepers, so that they develop together, resolve common problems and enlarge the market of bee products for common benefit (consumers-producers-bees-nature-everyone), instead of competing. Besides, with support of its partners, “Dulce Plai” launches and organizes training programs for youth from rural areas.

It’s all about responsibility – for our own life, for the environment, for the community and our country.


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