According to the members of the team, as well as other interested people, Art-Labyrinth is a sort of a challenge to the current system of consumption and to the absurdity of the modern world. The very structure of the organization is very flexible, reflecting the desire to  change the world around it in a more harmonious direction. Another proof is the story of its appearance – it was born out of the free will of a group of simple artists, musicians and travellers, who have been capable to believe in miracle, and only years later, in 2008, registered as a non-profit, non-governmental organization “ART-LABYRINTH”.

The goals and objectives of the Art-Labyrinth include research, development and dissemination of national culture, as well as artistic values ​​and traditions of other peoples and nations, from ancient times to the present day, with the purpose of comparative analysis, identifying and finding methods and traditions that add a special touch to the regional culture and belong to our country.

Art-Labyrinth, with the official residence in the former museum “Zemstva” on 103, Sciusev str.; Art-Labyrinth, organizing summer festivals in different parts of Moldova; Art-Labyrinth, always with new discoveries for the ones who meet with it – it is an essence of sincerity and selflessness, live music, live fire, the utopia of modern world.

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