Organic Mobility

The goal of the project is to facilitate the complete circuit or organic material in Moldova; to encourage production and consumption of eco-products, recycling and bike mobility; creating stronger communities and transparent economy based on trust, shared resources, risks and benefits.


We promote!

Organic agriculture, small farmers and bio products. Sorting and recycling. Bike mobility.

We inform, train and advertise the production and consume of organic food. We help connecting organic farmers with consumers from the city through the food system and sorting, composting their kitchen waste back into soil. Also helping recycling other types of wastes.


We connect!

Small farmers from rural areas with responsible consumers from the city through a web and mobile platform.

The starting point is a mobile application and web platform which allow searching farmers and specific organic products, as well as recycling points. On the map will be localized all the available products and the possibilities of delivery or pick-up. It will provide possibility to implement an extended CSA, where more farmers can provide a larger variety of goods.


We recycle!

We help composting the organic waste from apartments, offices, restaurants.

Also on the map are located points for recycling of all types of trash, possibilities and time of collection, instructions about pre-composting at home of organic waste, opportunities to create new composting points in proximity or help to find neighbors which might need more compost for their garden.


We pedal!

Bike powered deliveries and organic waste pickup.

To make a closed circuit of material, we propose logistic services to the farmers, weekly bike deliveries of products to their customers, and return of the kitchen waste to be composted into organic fertilizer. This way farmers will have less stress and more time for production, consumers more flexibility.

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