Organic Mobility web/mobile platform

The platform helps:


  • To get informed about organic products benefits, community supported agriculture (CSA), importance and techniques of composting, how they can get actively involved in this network, news of Moldavian organic market and more.
  • To find and locate on the map natural products produced close to them
  • To find and locate CSA farmers for weekly deliveries of fresh vegetables, fruits…
  • To find all type of waste recycling points.
  • To find closest composting locations or neighbours which have gardens/orchards and would like to take their waste to compost there.
  • To rate, leave reviews of procured products/services.
  • Receive bonus points for helping the network, recycling, helping with promotion.
  • Place requests for goods/offers they can’t find yet.

Ex: Looking for 10 kg of walnuts! Looking for honey supply!

Ex: Where can I find good butter?


Farmers –      

  • To get informed about organic agriculture principles, certification, benefits, seminars, subsidies or financial assistance.
  • Promote, sell and rate their products and services.
  • To place available products or CSA services, weekly delivered packages, seasonal offers. Ex: Offer strawberries for making gem, self pickup.
  • To find other farmer partners for providing a larger variety of goods.
  • Find places where they can sell or drop their products.
  • Searching through the requests of consumers to find buyers.
  • Find closest organic waste donors.


Volunteers, freelancers –

  • Find occasional offers for making bike deliveries.
  • Subscribe as part time delivery or waste pickup service provider.
  • Find close composting points where they can help manage compost piles.
  • Propose and organise new composting points on public or private property.


The platform is built in stages.

  • First of all we provide all the important information for farmers, consumers, freelancers – What is organic agriculture, how to grow organic crops, how to get certification, what are the benefits for farmers and consumers…
  • We put on the map all the farms with their offers, and consumers interested in good food and willing to compost their food waste.
  • Work on optimization of information, communication, matching of interests, automation of some processes.
  • The last stage is putting in place cargo bike deliveries. Inviting volunteer, freelancers to help farmers with logistical tasks, when there are enough requests to create part time jobs.