Community supported Composting

Project description

Chisinau is facing huge problems with waste management, at the moment even a properly organized landfill doesn’t exist. Food scraps and other organic waste usually represent 30-40% of total waste – we have no recycling facilities for them, they are mixed and dumped with all the other trash, being decomposed to dangerous greenhouse gases and toxins in the soil and water.

Community composting can provide a real solution to the problem of organic waste, not only fight with effects. We propose to start with a small group of participants and follow the good practices of big cities like those provided by New York, the bike powered food scrap collection initiatives in USA and the experience of recent projects in Moldova like „Compostare în comunitățile rurale“.

The Idea is to create:

  • A network for collection of residential, and commercial organic waste – bicycle powered.
  • Urban     and suburban composting points in public and private spaces – close to consumers.
  • Connection with farmers and revitalization/afforestation initiatives.

The pilot project will benefit from the network of EcoVisio and partners to identify people – willing to separate and participate in organic waste collection, as well as places suitable for composting sites. A few urban composting points will be created and maintained with the help of volunteers or farmers – ideally in each region of the city. Project participants will be able to drop their organics at such points, or could ask for weekly bicycle powered collection. All the generated compost will be used at farming partner projects like EcoVillage, Gori’s Tomatoes and afforestation initiative SeedItForward – which also can provide space for the very first composting sites.

The project will be ran by volunteers, which will be supported by payments for Garbage pick-up help, from selling the end compost, or crowdfunding.

The participants providing the waste will receive points which can be exchange on different offers from farmers, or other partners and can benefit of an amount of final compost if needed.

Project justification

The Goal is to create in 6 months a model of community supported organic waste management for a minimum of 30-50 households, which could become sustainable and grow farther.

  • To divert an important amount of waste from landfill and provide 3-5 farms with fertilisers.
  • To educate people about the importance of separating organic waste and composting techniques.
  • Demonstrate the sustainability and the possibility to create small Bike Composting businesses.
  • Connect the city inhabitants with organic farmers, using the same logistics for goods and waste.
  • Create a bigger composting capacity until autumn, for being able to handle falling leaves.

The budget will be used to buy:

  • Airtight containers for house/office organic waste – at least 2 containers per household.
  • Bigger     100+ liters trash bins – for waist collection and transportation.
  • Several     bike trailers – no emissions, they attract attention and bring more participants.
  • Materials     and tools for composting points, workshops, promotion – wood, wire     mesh, cover, bokashi bacteria, pitchforks,     shovels…

Co-financing will be in form of crowdfunding and applying for other grants, promotion and communication, webpage and mobile app, organization, volunteering for collection and composting, helping with tools and offering space for the first composting sites, bicycles.