Organic Mobility at CLP


Short description of the business idea, product or service to tackle climate change that you are working on (2-3 sentences)

Providing clean logistic, aggregation, marketing, information, recycling services for organic farmers and consumers. Building a symbiotic network of responsible farmers, consumers, recyclers with a complete circuit of material – from food to organic fertilizer.

What problem are you solving, and who is the customer that will pay for it?

Your idea is a solution to a problem. Describe the problem you solve with your idea. And tell us who the customer is that is having this problem and will pay for it. Because after all, this is a business competition. No business without customers.*


  • pollution and solid waste management especially food waste;
  • logistic connection between farmers and city inhabitants;
  • production of enough organic fertilizers;

We help:

  • Small farmers, artisans – with promotion, marketing and delivering bio products to the customers in the city.
  • City inhabitants – to find organic products, farms, CSA’s, recycling points, or neighbour partners. Expressed by donations or small membership contributions for the users of web/mobile platform.
  • Restaurants, small businesses, households – to evacuate and compost their organic waste.

Climate impact

Your idea addresses climate change with the ultimate goal to make a positive impact on the world. You can achieve this either by contributing to GHG emission reductions or by helping the system adapt to the changing climate. Describe how your idea addresses climate change and what positive impact it brings to the world.*

  • Bike deliveries and waste transportation reduce the use of fossil fuels and emissions. Encouraging local food production and composting makes less km.
  • Composting organic waste, especially using Bocashi reduce a lot of CO2 and Methane emissions compared to decomposition in landfills or burning garbage.
  • Production of organic fertilizers compared with mineral fertilizers is also much less energy hungry.
  • Generally the compost is used for soil conservation, big part of it will be used to grow healthy trees.

Tell us about your market

To build a successful startup you need to search for a repeatable and scalable business model. Tell us what you have learned so far about the market. In what markets can you sell your product or service? How big are these markets?*

You can see in the streets now, that Chisinau doesn’t have any sustainable management of organic waste. Nobody provides such a service here and it’s still a big problem of all big cities. The same thing with logistics – no bike powered delivery services yet. But with the garbage and cars feeling the streets, rising temperatures and bad smells, people and businesses start looking for new solutions for old problems. So we focus on Chisinau market, suburbs, and as far as the organic farms are located.


Does your idea make use of advanced or new technology? If yes: explain how it works. Anything else you want to share about your technology, do it here*

We use a combination of old and new technologies and concepts:

  • Mobile App and web platform to promote ideas, fund rising, create network, simplify symbiotic connections and automate some operations.
  • We promote and propose to extend CSA (Community supported agriculture) into CSC – community supported composting. Economy built on trust, transparency, fair prices, responsibility and shared risks resources and revenues.
  • We bring new composting bio technologies like Bokashi into waste management.
  • Looking forward for using electric bikes, and solar panels to power them.