Carbon Footprint Offset

There are so many reasons and ways to grow trees. We try to explore them all.
Day by day, seed by seed, we are growing – trees and people – for a greener Moldova.

small-giantIt is believed that the Climate Change is caused by big industries, but actually every individual shares a bit of the industrial Carbon Footprint. Every day we spend something more precious than money, something that nobody counts, almost any activity or product of everyday life creates CO2 footprint.

We created a web tool which can help calculate the amount of Carbon Dioxide (Demo) produced yearly by a person, and estimate how many trees would be necessary to GROW to call himself Eco neutral. Average carbon footprint per person in Moldova is about 3.5 tones.

We, the Seed It Forward Initiative from Moldova, propose to offset the Carbon Footprint of individuals and companies by helping us plant more trees and take care of them – through donations and/or direct participation.

Together with volunteers, we revitalize public degraded lands; plant food forests; save rivers by creating tree corridors for biodiversity along them; transform school yards into dendrariums; help small farmers to create permacultural orchards or start agroforestry – thus, manage their land in a sustainable way.

This way Seed It Forward, through direct actions and inspiring examples, is sharing knowledge and promotes the idea that:

Everybody can grow a healthy tree. Everybody can create a productive organic orchard. Everybody can plant a forest. Everybody can be part of the solution, not just part of the problem.

Basically one tree can fix as much CO2 as is the weight of its trunk, branches, roots; on average – 1 tone of CO2 during his life, because the trees a very different. Here is one example:

One tree (sycamore): total stored CO2 in 40 years – 2415 kg;
Annually ~ 60kg;
First 10 years – 220 kg;
In 22 years – first tone of CO2.

This means that just planting trees doesn’t mean anything, you need to GROW them for decades to make a change. And every person in Moldova, if considering the average footprint, should plant and take care of about 4 trees per year, but better make it 10 to make sure that they survive. Also think of all your footprint debt you created since your birth – that’s tens of adult trees.

We consider the minimal contribution to grow one tree in Moldova is ~1,5 euro, which includes the price of the seedling, or growing it in our nursery; planting event with volunteers (food, transportation, tools) and all the caring work, materials, monitoring and protection next years for helping the seedling to actually become a tree.

You can transmit the money either in cash, through the network of friends, or through transfer (bank details here).

Besides, we are very happy with any other materials, tools, food or transportation for our events.

You can follow the life of your trees on our website:

You can see what we have already done in our annual activity reports: 2016, 2017.

If you have any questions, please contact us!


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