Tree-caring event in Bubuieci, April 29, 2017

It is responsible and laudable to plant trees, but even more so – to help them grow. When we were planning a tree-caring event (so that the grass doesn’t hide them again), nobody expected that there will be a total of 22 volunteers from Bubuieci – biology teacher Mariana Revenco and her pupils. About half of them met Seed It Forward for the first time, and all of them came because they wanted, not because they had to. Thus, April 29th saw an unprecedented thing – in several hours, we have found, weeded and mulched all trees and bushes that were showing signs of life – about one thousand.

At the same time, young volunteers were learning / remembering, on real examples, about the benefits of mulch, about what part of a tree is the most important one, about symbiosis, about where garbage goes to, about how to find out whether the tree is alive if it has no leaves… and many-many more.

So, the ice-cream and “thanks” make just a small part of our happiness and gratitude. Mariana Revenco and the team, you are amazing! With you, Bubuieci is bound to become greener!


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Gathering old leaves for mulching.

Even the smallest trees get found thanks to old mulch and attentive eyes.

One of the dogroses in the live fence that was planted in November 2016.

A maple, also planted last autumn.

Meanwhile, one of the Seed It Forward representatives continues experiments with willows.

Found something!

A germinated horse chestnut – there were so many of them in the leaves pile…

Next discovery – a lonely tulip.

Checking for ticks.

And up we go!

Now, to the first live fence – the one that was planted in March 2016 by Seed It Forward team. Also feeling good under last-year mulch! we added some more, just in case.

Found a lizard – there are many of them, too.

Observing the power of nature – the elm has been grazed by sheep or goats, burned by fire, but still revives!

Changes in the landscape.

Moving further.

Bird cherries.

Tree nursery – no extra mulching needed yet, just observing.

Horse chestnuts – now, Mariana and school administration plan to create a chestnut nursery of their own!

More reviving trees – almond…

…and apple tree.

A mushroom.

At the beginning, one of the volunteers wondered how to determine whether the tree is alive or dead. We showed her one of the methods, and she’s been applying it for the trees whose state was unclear (no leaves, sleeping buds).

And that’s how, two hours later, she discovered that one of the Turkish hazelnuts is alive, after all!

Another miracle – a single surviving (and happy) linden tree.

Could be a bottled-water advertisement… but no, that’s not how our volunteers do.
(Photo courtesy of Mariana Revenco, who brought the water, and Corina, the thirsty volunteer)

The team (without those who already left – but not until we finished the work).

Happy end.

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