Seed it Forward at the “Seed Sunday” – the seed exchange fair in Basel, Switzerland

On February 16, 2020, the Seed it Forward initiative participated in the “SamenSonntag Basel” (“Seed Sunday”) – the seed exchange fair in Basel, Switzerland.

Annually, this event invites people and initiatives to exchange seeds, share knowledge, cooperate and create new perspectives. The donations collected from the participants go to support projects involved in independent production of seeds or other planting material – this year this was Seed It Forward.

In thanks, we organized the workshop “Propagation of trees”, presenting and demonstrating in practice the main methods of producing tree-planting material, including the grafting of fruit trees. We tried to prove that anyone is capable of growing any variety of tree or shrub, at no cost, using the simplest tools.

We also presented our initiative within the discussions on the topic “Edible forests as part of alternative agriculture”.
Both our presentations and our stand with nuts, honey, dried fruits / vegetables enjoyed a lot of interest – and anything edible was degustated until nothing was left.

We returned home with organic seeds, donations, and lots of inspiration from bio farms, and urban projects visited in Switzerland.

Presenting Seed It Forward:

The workshop “Tree Propagation”.

Our table.

And the fair itself:

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