Planting willows along the river Raut – 2nd edition

We have been waiting for it for almost a year, since the first willow-planting event on April 8-9, 2016 – and so, on March 18, 2017, we had the second willow-planting action on river Raut – a good team of 8 people, sun and rain, a lot of mud and placintas, and more than 400 willow cuttings planted.

Special thanks to Vadim Matveev, Zarif Bakirova, Sergey Evteev, Anastasiya Poletaeva, Ion Ungureanu, Fagan Huseynov, Namaz Kerimov, Mike Waldron, Александр Петров, Nino Ugrekhelidze, Թագուհի Մինասյան, Sophia Shakirova, Sebastian Wehrsig, Thomas Handrich and Arpine Galfayan – that’s your contributions that became food and transportation for the volunteers, but especially new reliable tools – they have made our work even more pleasant and much more efficient: now we can cut and plant trees at least two times faster!

By tradition, everything starts with gathering lots of stuff, especially thermoses and placintas, and packing into cars.

Meeting river Raut again – now it is much fuller than a year before…

One of the willows that was planted last year and survived fish poachers and other dangers – doesn’t look too presentable, but the fact that it has gathered so much stuff proves that it is alive and sturdy. And see – it is going to awaken soon!

That’s one of our aims – to create trees-bushes that would be resistant to cows, sheep, goats and maugli.

And… here we go!

This year, we are trying a new method – to plant not the branches, but shorter cuttings, so that there is more planting material and less opportunities for maugli to maul new trees.

Do not take this as an example – we are going to get these cuttings as deep into the soil as possible, so that almost no hint remains “upstairs”.

Giving a chance to rests.

Taking care of the “sticking out” part.

One of the methods…

Now, that’s how it should be. Until anyone realises here are some potential trees, the cuttings will have time to take root and sprout…

And a traditional late lunch at Sasha Nikitin’s observation post.

Poachers do not sleep… but, we hope, this year we’ve been more clever than them.

Photo credit: Sasha Nikitin, Gabriela Isac.

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