The Seed It Forward Nursery

There are different ways to get trees in order to plant them. You can buy them from a nursery, or you can take them from someplace like forest where they have grown by themselves. And there is the most challenging, the most demanding, but also the most heartfelt and thorough option of growing these trees yourself, from seeds.

This way, you get them for free in terms of money and do not have to worry about whether it is legal or not to smuggle a tree from the forest. But this way, you are together with these seedlings since their birth, and, unless you have been doing it for years or you are able to tell yourself, “you cannot get 100% survival rate anyway, it’s the same way in nature”, you are going to suffer over the fact that not all of them live to become trees. Some or other species are quite prone to kick off, either because of your mistake, of random snail trailing by, or just because they were weak to begin with.

And then, when you finally plant them somewhere, you may feel much more affected by their well-being – “You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed”. Imagine a deer goes by and bites off its top, or a sheep eats its bark, a wild fire burns it or a maugli mauls it just for the fun of it… not to mention droughts and intense sunshine.

But if it grows, when it grows!..

You get to see how the seed becomes larger and sprouts a root, how the young creature begins to raise its head and throws the seed off, how the first leaves appear, how the seedling matures to have its first bark… you get to see the fragility that precedes the grandness of sycamores and oaks, the enthusiasm and confidence of young sophoras and honey locusts, the green palms of lindens and peculiar metamorphosis of thuias. You get to know that you played a part in the birth of these trees, and that you gave them the best start you could.

And, truly, just have a look at the roots and branches of a hazelnut that came out of a personal nursery!

So, if you have the possibility and responsibility, we recommend you do it. If not, come to us!

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