Great thanks to everyone, we did it!..

Planting good deeds in Bubuieci


It has been lots of work in the past weeks – promoting, meeting with volunteers, collecting funds, buying tools and seedlings, preparing the field, etc. etc. – if anyone had told us just a few months before that we would be able to manage all this, well, not sure we would have believed him.

But then the day of our first action, 14 November, has come – and it has been amazing.

400 volunteers from different locations, organizations, backgrounds and ages have come and helped us to start the revitalization of a former landfill in the village of Bubuieci, Chisinau municipality. For many of them that was the first experience of planting a tree – so it has been lots of positive emotions, despite the roughness of land. All together, we have planted the first quarter of the 10,000 of trees we plan to endow this community with.

So, great thanks to everyone who has supported us – UNDP Moldova, StarNet and WikiWoods, whose generous financial contributions played a key role in our possibility to hold the event; to the community of “Plantăm fapte bune în România”, who helped us believe that it is possible. To the local public authority of Bubuieci, which offered us the field that we could work on; to the National Association of Nut Growers of Moldova, which provided us with a priceless consultation on rehabilitation of degraded lands. To associations “Renaşterea Rurală” and “Pomul Vieţii”, who donated a large part of the seedlings; to a forest warden from Temeleuti, who sent us 110 young oaks and to the bus driver who brought them to Chisinau… to National Environmental Center, who was the first one to support us in terms of anything – and lent us the first 22 spades to use… To the Professional School №4 and to the lyceum “Toader Bubuiog” from Bubuieci, who were the first to promise to come, to the lyceums “Orizont”, “Gaudeamus” and “A.S.Puskin” from Chisinau who were close behind… to the activEco community, which was always there… to the College of Transport, to the Association Grădina Moldovei, to Association EcoContact, to Peace Corps Moldova, to the Association of Environmental and Ecotourism Journalists, who also came and supported us in various ways… to Art-Labyrinth, who contributed to the beauty of that day – live music under the sunny sky.

And, of course, to Ecovisio Association and to all of our families, friends and colleagues – without them we wouldn’t have even be able to start. It’s marvellous to be a part of this community, to know that such people exist and work together with you for the realization of our common vision.

Thank you for existing!

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