Getting to know the land – the problem

Preparing for the planting day, we continue to deepen our knowledge about the village of Bubueci and the pieces of land whose life we are going to improve. Now, on the basis of several field visits, we can present them to you as well.

So, under the agreement with the local authorities, we are authorized to explore four parcels of land. Those fields, brought together, can tell you all about some of the major problems a piece of land can face.

One of these plots is on a side of the hill, suffering from landslides and strong erosion.

The second one is a former landfill, presently covered with soil and weeds…

…but not totally hidden. Or maybe it is still growing?

 Two portions of land that constitute the third plot are near to the stadium in the middle of the village…

…and can be spotted by irregular and, in some places, even dangerous relief (holes in the ground happy to catch your leg), construction waste, a foul-smelling brook (product of rural sewage) and some goats that are not in the least afraid of all of the above.

The fourth parcel is located just left of the school and shows signs that is was planned as a park; however, the park’s condition is also pathetic.

So, we have such a wide variety of issues just in one locality – what could be their solution?

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