First working picnic at Bubuieci


On September 18, 2016 the young Bubuieci park hosted the first Seed It Forward working picnic! Maybe second, if we count braving the weed jungle on a cold day a week before the grand planting event a year ago, but then we were mostly freezing and overwhelmed with the amount of tasks we had to realize in a very short time, lots of uncontrollable factors and bits of trouble that kept sprouting almost every day. Throughout the spring and summer it was just a bit more relaxed, but still, it was coming to the site as soon as the temperature was beginning to drop, and work-work-work until the sunset, in spite of spiky and sticky weeds, heat, clouds of mosquitoes and few, but tiny ticks, all the while trying not to step on young trees hidden in the tall grass… it was difficult to imagine inviting someone to join us in such conditions, so only our closest teammates and friends got to experience this as well.

But now the mosquitoes were almost gone, the ticks too, the weather is not too hot anymore, the trees that are alive stand apart, green or close-to-green among dry beige weeds… so we decided we could finally arrange the first guided visit for those interested, to try how it works, to train for the upcoming planting events and to care about the seedlings, who are definitely going to live into next year and the year after that, if nobody eats them.

The forecast was showing rains, and we spent the whole week before the event happily anticipating the precipitation and worrying whether we needed to cancel the event.

But we didn’t, after all, and were more than happy about that.

The volunteers are coming!



A small but great get-to-know-each-other circle.



An unusual amount of people in our Bubuieci jungle. Oh well, there were those four hundred volunteers a year ago, but so much time has passed… good to see so many colors and hear so many voices in this big territory.


A lesson on correct usage of sickle.


The initial title of the event was “the guided & working visit to the Bubuieci park”. However, the volunteers were not that interested in the excursion than in work itself (we’ll see what’s growing here in the process anyways). And the second task after cleaning and mulching, not much less important, was tackling all the food and tea that we’ve cooked and brought – we shouldn’t have to carry it all back, right?
So the guided visit turned into a visit of working and eating, eating and working.






An example of how you can spend your time in this park. In a few years, if everything is all right, you’ll also get the shadow… but now, please take care not to step on it.





The weather was just right…


Discussing the tips of working with a sickle and the geniality of this old, but amazingly effective tool.

We’ve been there until 7 p.m… unfortunately, the evenings come earlier now, and the clouds, source of the rains that we’re all looking forward to, started to gather together… but we did a great job that day. Now we’ve got some tunnel-looking paths that we’ve never had time to create before, and you can walk along them as a normal person and see the row of growing saplings…
We should definitely do it again.

Especially now that we’ve got such a nice place for autumn picnics.

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