Field work, or what can you do in a weed jungle


So, we have finally decided on which piece of Bubuieci land to concentrate our efforts, and so our next tasks include managing to transform it in such an area where planting trees can become possible. That means – doing something with the weed jungle.
Am venit in jungle buruienelor

Some of them are as hard and tall as young trees or bushes.
Multi arbusti sunt mari si rigiti ca niste copaci

It’s not quite easy to detach them from the ground…
more work

But once you do, they fly quite well.
Eliberam terenul de aceasta vegetatie

Fresh tea break – combining ginger and lemon with hot water.
Pauza de ceai

Incredible – the stuff you can find in a former landfill.
the bulb - going on


But we need to get back to work.

After some hours, there is some difference from where we have started – but there is still lots to do.
kind of clean

But we will manage.

So come visit this place in a week – at least to see if we did it!
Ion cu coasa

We suspect it will be fun.

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