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  • Welcome to the afforestation action!

  • They say Moldova is the poorest country in Europe in terms of money. We say Moldova is the poorest in terms of forests, barely 11.6% of the territory in comparison to European average of 33%. And while it is difficult for the common citizens to do something about the general economical state of their country, they – we – can certainly do something about the forests. Step forward and start planting trees! So we, EcoVisio Association and its initiative Seed it Forward, inspired by the initiative “Plantăm fapte bune in Romania” (“Planting good deeds”) from Romania and driven by our own hearts, plan to make our country more prosperous and its citizens happier by planting fruit forests. Combat [...]
  • Visiting the lands with a forestry engineer - Solution

  • We are researching the “prescriptions” for the Bubueci parcels on a daily basis, analyzing precedents and speaking with various institutions that are engaged in the area of planting, such as national forestry agency. Quite a lot depends on their support, on the varieties of seedlings that they can offer, on the financial resources, on the attitude and involvement of local residents, as well as some other factors that we can or cannot influence. However, a milestone in this process was put with the help of an invaluable consultation of Constantin Gajim, who is the President of the Nut Growers Association of the Republic of Moldova, and also a forest engineer. Eroded slope Even [...]
  • Getting to know the land – the problem

  • Preparing for the planting day, we continue to deepen our knowledge about the village of Bubueci and the pieces of land whose life we are going to improve. Now, on the basis of several field visits, we can present them to you as well. So, under the agreement with the local authorities, we are authorized to explore four parcels of land. Those fields, brought together, can tell you all about some of the major problems a piece of land can face. One of these plots is on a side of the hill, suffering from landslides and strong erosion. The second one is a former landfill, presently covered with soil and weeds... …but not totally hidden. Or maybe it is still growing? [...]
  • Planting trees in extreme conditions

  • One of the main ideas of Seed It Forward is that you can plant trees anywhere and anytime. So, receiving the invitation of Victor Parlicov to plant some paulownia tomentosa trees on his land in Rezeni, we accepted it, despite the fact that it was the middle of summer, in order to see how this principle works. Among the cons was the fact that it was hot, and the soil was dry, so even with their resistant qualities, the saplings were to have a hard time surviving. However, they were already too big to wait for the autumn, so planting them to the permanent place would already offer them more chances to remain alive and grow up. Among the invited were also some participants of activEco, a pr [...]