Can I change the world after reading this?

The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.

Nelson Henderson

Endlich eine Google-Alternative: startet "Suchmaschine die BŠume pflanzt" / Die grŸne Suchmaschine will innerhalb eines Jahres eine Million BŠume pflanzenAs many of us already know, our planet is facing some issues. Serious issues. The reason is quite simple, and it consists in the fact that the people who inhabit it are exploiting its resources without giving anything in return. More specifically, what we, as a human race give back, is pollutants in water, air and soil, and destruction of habitats. To keep it simple, we are actively digging our own hole, literally speaking.

Even for those who are genuinely concerned for the environment is difficult to find viable solutions for the problems we hear about every day. A common question is “But what can I do? I am too small”. We are the lucky generation who is supposed to clean all the mess done by those before us, and by those who are living now, in blissful ignorance. Fortunately, there are exceptions, and these lines are dedicated to one of them.

An example of how a hand of young, enthusiastic and bright people are changing the world, is Ecosia team. They found the key to a very serious threat for nature balance – the massive deforestation which takes place as we speak. Thus, if we, as simple citizens, cannot prevent the cutting of trees, what Can we do? The answer was found by Christian Kroll, the CEO of Ecosia, who found the golden path between helping people to contribute for the sake of nature, and building a successful business model. For all those who would be happy to do something for the environment, use Internet and care, we have a great news! One can plant trees without even moving away from the computer (convenient, isn’t?), because Ecosia is the search engine that plants a tree for every search. It works like this : the engine earns 0,5 cents per search through ads, and it costs 28 cents to plant one tree in Burkina Faso. At this point, there are almost 2,5 millions active users, who help for a tree to be planted every 14 seconds. From 2009 until present, Ecosia contributed to the environment with more than 4 million dollars or 2,43 millions of new trees. They are donating at least 80% of their income to planting and want to reach 1 billion of trees planted by 2020. If you want to learn more, check their website.

This outstanding model of social entrepreneurship functions for people, and their future, being based on the millions of Internet users who want to redirect the money they are investing by accessing the web into a good cause. So, the question is, who You want to sponsor? The Google giant, or the communities who are building their sustainable development with their own hands? The forests do not discriminate those who sit under their shade, and do not choose the noses of people who breath the air they produce. Guess for whom all this work is made – For you, dear human, Internet user, green activist and future tree planter.

Our choice was made. And yours?

All you have to do, is change your default engine.


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  1. by thilina senarathna on July 23, 2017  8:07 pm Reply

    we want to do this project in our country

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