Bubuieci park comes alive!

At long last the winter months, when the only thing we could do was just wait and hope that the trees and shrubs planted in autumn would take root, passed. The visits to Bubuieci are becoming more and more interesting – new leaves, new discoveries… However, the times when we will be able to just come and enjoy the park have not yet come. Right now the most important thing is to help the saplings live through their first summer on the new place. And our attention and presence are key to their survival.

Bubuieci is full of jungle again – only now this jungle is not dry, spiny and unwelcoming, but lush green, almost hiding the mounds of trash so visible in autumn and winter. Even the earthen stairs, leading to the park up the slope, are almost gone – and it’s difficult to imagine that just half a year they were climbed by hundreds of volunteers. Now, few people are coming – those who aren’t afraid of hard and tedious work. We need to find all two thousands something of trees, so that they do not get cut by the trimmer… or simply trodden.

The spring greenery is very beautiful, but it competes with young plants – and is often a few times higher than they are. Meanwhile, the survival rate is quite good, especially in lindens and maples. Even the Turkish hazelnuts, the largest trees planted here – and looking heartstrikingly dead for quite some time – are making us immensely happy by sprouting leaves. If some of them do not have powers for most of their branches, they produce at least a few leaves at the base of their trunk! It is so important to prevent the grass from stealing water from all those growing miracles, and from attracting their eternal enemies – cattle. The only bright point here is that when cut, the grass quickly turns into the moisture-saving mulch.

We decided to share some pictures from a number of working visits, despite the fact that the images reflect only a very small part of everything that you can now find in the former landfill. At the end of autumn, in winter and in the first months of spring we brought more species here – and now the young Bubuieci park contains also pines, chestnuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, wild almonds, ailanthus, rowan tree, elms, dogwood, godji and blackberry. Even the small lake down the hill has experienced some changes – it now houses a few rods of willow. Just three weeks ago they were just some wind-broken branches lying in one of the Chisinau streets. We picked them up and decided to give them a chance… and now they are turning into small trees and inspiring us to offer more of such chances. Especially in the light of the fact that willows can be planted almost all year round!

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