Monthly archives:November 2015

  • Planting good deeds in Bubuieci

  • The first action within the project „Plantăm fapte bune în Moldova” („Planting good deeds in Moldova”) took place on November 14, 2015 in the village of Bubuieci, Chisinau municipality. The planting event was attended by about 400 volunteers from different localities, educational institutions, profit and nonprofit, national and international organizations. And all of them have come with one specific purpose – namely, to contribute to the revitalization of a degraded piece of land. Together, we have already planted one quarter of the planned 10,000 trees on an area of 5 hectares. Instead of a former landfill, an offensive spot both for the environment and for the people who walk by [...]
  • Great thanks to everyone, we did it!..

  •   It has been lots of work in the past weeks - promoting, meeting with volunteers, collecting funds, buying tools and seedlings, preparing the field, etc. etc. - if anyone had told us just a few months before that we would be able to manage all this, well, not sure we would have believed him. But then the day of our first action, 14 November, has come - and it has been amazing. 400 volunteers from different locations, organizations, backgrounds and ages have come and helped us to start the revitalization of a former landfill in the village of Bubuieci, Chisinau municipality. For many of them that was the first experience of planting a tree - so it has been lots of positive [...]
  • Welcome to the afforestation action!

  • They say Moldova is the poorest country in Europe in terms of money. We say Moldova is the poorest in terms of forests, barely 11.6% of the territory in comparison to European average of 33%. And while it is difficult for the common citizens to do something about the general economical state of their country, they – we – can certainly do something about the forests. Step forward and start planting trees! So we, EcoVisio Association and its initiative Seed it Forward, inspired by the initiative “Plantăm fapte bune in Romania” (“Planting good deeds”) from Romania and driven by our own hearts, plan to make our country more prosperous and its citizens happier by planting fruit forests. Combat [...]
  • Field work, or what can you do in a weed jungle

  • So, we have finally decided on which piece of Bubuieci land to concentrate our efforts, and so our next tasks include managing to transform it in such an area where planting trees can become possible. That means - doing something with the weed jungle. Some of them are as hard and tall as young trees or bushes. It's not quite easy to detach them from the ground... But once you do, they fly quite well. Fresh tea break - combining ginger and lemon with hot water. Incredible - the stuff you can find in a former landfill. But we need to get back to work. After some hours, there is some difference from where we have started - but there is still lots to d [...]