Seed It Forward activity report in 2018

2018 is the third full year of SeedItForward activity, and so the team expected for it to be the year of a many great plantings. But the weather didn’t think so – and with snowy March, hot April, severe drought in autumn (the soil was very hard to dig, and you couldn’t get qualitative (or any) seedlings from the nurseries), and early winter (snow and frosts starting from the middle of November), it proved to be a very unfavorable year for planting.

Still, the SeedItForward team began the 2018 with a planting (on January 5th) and ended it with a New Year eve planting (on December 31st). And what did we do in between?

Focusing on monitoring – visited and documented almost all plantations made in previous years,

Elaborating several visuals and info-brochures on topics of its interest, reaching out to over 100,000 people in Moldova and Romania on online media

Continuing the Ask a Worm (urban composting) project started in 2019, getting a small grant from THK for it, engaging more individuals and organizations, and finding a place to gather and compost food waste within the city

Getting practical with the Not-burning-leaves campaign, especially within the ActiveCiuluc project (several composting boxes for leaves & separate leaves collection by authorities in Singerei town – convincing locals by benefits instead of fines)

Continuing with teambuildings – for example, a planting for about 60 employees of a bank; and training assistants

Co-organizing the activEco Tree Growing Challenge

Launching a small campaign on planting instead of cutting conifers in December – and planting over 180 seedlings of fir, spruce and thuia during several events with volunteers.

Plans for the 2019:

– more experimenting with growing trees in the challenging conditions, and getting into large-scale plantings with use of technology, in collaboration with Moldsilva (almost happened in 2018, but weather didn’t think so)
– continuing to plant the food forest
– collaborating with other tree-growing activists
– more educational work and activities in the regions (to be continued!)
– more attention to the Ask a Worm project
– more graphic materials for raising awareness and educational aims (yes, definitely)
– hopefully, more videos