The Story of Seed It Forward

The story of Seed It Forward initiative has begun a few years ago, when one of the team members left his job in Belgium – he worked in IT there – and came back to Moldova in order to create his own orchard. Working and travelling abroad, he has seen many things that inspired him, including examples of agroforestry and organic farming, which motivated him to come home and start applying them, taking advantage of numerous opportunities existing in our country.

He has been passionate about fruit trees, especially walnuts and hazel, and founded a beautiful orchard on his own land. However, at some point he realized that he was planting not only for himself, but also for the others, who will benefit from cleaner air, from the landscape, from the harvest that will be shared with them… and who can follow his example, if it inspires them.
In fact, everything you plant is planted in a large part for the others – for the people that surround you, for your children and grandchildren, for your parents and grandparents.

Thus, the concept of “Seed It Forward” was born – inspired from the idea of “Pay it forward” taken from the movie with the same name, which shows how good, selfless deeds can cause a positive chain reaction.

Same principle, even in a more real sense, can apply for the trees – if you plant a tree or a few for someone else, and he or she does the same for the others – concrete or abstract, – our suffering from the lack of forests country could, quite quickly and qualitatively, become flourishing again.

So there is a need not only for the trees, but also for the people who would plant them and take care of them. And so the real beginning for this initiative was the summer and autumn of 2015, when more members of the existing team joined the first one. Apparently, they could not resist the desire to witness the transformation of this idea into reality – and not just witness, but actively contribute to it with their time and energy in order to make this possible.
At the moment we are still this small team of volunteers, but our intense work already yields fruit.

In the fall of 2015 Seed It Forward initiative has officially become part of the EcoVisio Association, joining our forces to achieve our common vision – a green, prosperous and sustainable future for our country.

This is the goal we work for every day, and we invite you to support us in this, join us or simply to enjoy the changes we manage to achieve – for us, for you, for everyone.

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