Our team

The Seed It Forward team may look small, but is based on values such as qualitative collaboration between its members and best possible employment of each one’s interests and skills.

Seed It Forward would not also be possible without the network of our wonderful friends and supporters.

And we are always open for the new ones!

Eugen Guzun

Eugen Guzun


Founder of the initiative and general field coordinator

Tree planting, practical application of agroforestry techniques,
web content management, tree nursery, solar dehydrator,
carbon footprint calculator, fundraising, field work

Gabi Isac

Gabriela Isac

(+373)69817235, gabriela [aet] ecovisio.org

Communication, environmental education, photo documentation,
contacts management, web content management,
tree nursery, solar dehydrator, fundraising, field work

– General field coordinator


Radu Sacaliuc

Research, seeds, tree nursery,
Seed It Forward proof checking

– Field coordinator

Ivan Chiriac

Forestry engineer

– General field coordinator

Irina Pompus-Mura

Permacultural farmer,
Expert in domains of horticulture, biodiversity and environmental protection

– Field coordinator

Ecaterina Tarus

– Field coordinator

Sasha Nikitin

Photography & film-making

– Local coordination – village Coacaza Rosie

Sasha Lozinski

– Field coordinator
– Local coordination – village Riscova

Veaceslav Guzun

– Field coordinator

Mihaela Coada

Mihaela Coada

Co-founder of the initiative

– Field coordinator

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