Planting & Actions

  • Tree-caring event in Bubuieci, April 29, 2017

  • It is responsible and laudable to plant trees, but even more so - to help them grow. When we were planning a tree-caring event (so that the grass doesn't hide them again), nobody expected that there will be a total of 22 volunteers from Bubuieci - biology teacher Mariana Revenco and her pupils. About half of them met Seed It Forward for the first time, and all of them came because they wanted, not because they had to. Thus, April 29th saw an unprecedented thing - in several hours, we have found, weeded and mulched all trees and bushes that were showing signs of life - about one thousand. At the same time, young volunteers were learning / remembering, on real examples, about the benefits o [...]
  • Seed It Forward at forum "Green Vision", March 2017

  • On March 25, 2017, Seed It Forward had the honor and happiness to take part in the Forum "Green Vision", organized by initiative ”Țara Verde” - as one of the exhibitors and as a speaker on the topic of tree-growing. The best experience of event participation so far - only vegetarian food, no plastic (except for badges), new friends from Balti, Glodeni, Riscani and Drochia, and lots of discussions about seeds and seedlings! Thank you, Bartosz Gawarecki, Katrina M. Starfish, Igor Gutan, Anastasia Donea, Ana Hrapov and everyone-everyone else! Photo credit: Forumul Tinerilor 2016, Țara Verde Telling young and not-so-young activists about challenges and joy of growing people and trees.. [...]
  • Planting willows along the river Raut - 2nd edition

  • We have been waiting for it for almost a year, since the first willow-planting event on April 8-9, 2016 - and so, on March 18, 2017, we had the second willow-planting action on river Raut - a good team of 8 people, sun and rain, a lot of mud and placintas, and more than 400 willow cuttings planted. Special thanks to Vadim Matveev, Zarif Bakirova, Sergey Evteev, Anastasiya Poletaeva, Ion Ungureanu, Fagan Huseynov, Namaz Kerimov, Mike Waldron, Александр Петров, Nino Ugrekhelidze, Թագուհի Մինասյան, Sophia Shakirova, Sebastian Wehrsig, Thomas Handrich and Arpine Galfayan - that's your contributions that became food and transportation for the volunteers, but especially new reliable tools - the [...]


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